7A in London Sept/Oct. 2015


I had never been to London but I always had a vision in my head of what the city would look like and I have to say that London completely exceeded my expectations. Walking through the streets of London gives you a feeling of being part of a community.

Mary Dimaranan

Imagine biting into an awesome, fat burger!

Imagine the different flavors mixed together in your mouth.

Imagine smelling the delicious bacon and the perfectly cooked meat.

Imagine tasting the fresh, warm bread

in an English restaurant

That is definitely the best of London!

Clara Schenk


The warm afternoon sun shines through the branches of one of the many trees in St. James’ Park. I’m sitting in the soft grass and watching dozens of squirrels eagerly begging for food.

Squirrels here, squirrels there, squirrels, squirrels everywhere.

Barbara Kremer


Busy men with suits and briefcases are fidgeting with their Oyster Cards, rushing to the underground platforms to make their way home.

I’m standing at the tube station, a relaxed observer, amused by the hectic bustle of the London rush hour.

Michaela Honauer


Only in London can you experience the moment of putting up your feet, sitting on top of a red double decker bus driving down Westminster, finally in the front row seats snatched from fat German tourists, a moment of pure joy.

Anna Brainin


Hampton Court – lying in a recliner next to the huge fountain in one of the impressive gardens, my tired eyes closed, feeling the warmth of the sun on my body.

Jasmin Andre


With my class I went to London

To see where all the royals come from,

We all had a very good time

Never have I seen a city so fine.

London Eye and Tower Bridge,

Royal jewels and fish chips,

Small houses to be seen,

Buckingham Palace and the Queen,

Museums full of antiquities

compensate for expensive fees.

Riding on the double decker

In surprisingly good weather.

Shopping trip on Oxford Street,

Sipping tea, enjoying sweets.

Luminous London, you were great,

I guess I’ll see you later, mate.

Alina Binstrofer


Seeing parents take their kids to school early in the morning. The sleeves of their brand-new uniforms are rolled up, much too long, bought to be grown into. I watch them, yearning for a time when I didn’t have to think about future. They have so much time to figure out what they want ... mostly I feel jealous; they get to wear cute uniforms, something I always wanted when I was little, but will never experience.

Yamna Krasny


After strolling through different parts of the city, the best thing that can happen to you is a first row ride on one of London’s double-decker busses: finally getting off your aching feet, watching the city passing by with its overwhelming flair – you simply cannot ask for a better way to round off a perfect day in London.

Lena Magyar