1ACD Begrüßungstage - September 2016

I liked the Welcome Days because we learned a lot like climbing, to trust others, and the girls learned to touch boys. What I didn't like, was the food. I also like my class mates because now I know them better and I'm happy we went there. (Ella Terry)

It was amazing! We learned a lot about team work and we played a lot of 'team work games'. (Linda El-Sifary)

My friend and I were 12 in a room. We had a brilliant time, the food was good and the rabbits and cats were sweet. (Flora Dums)

I had a nice time and I will never forget it because I found new friends. (Bruno Wackerle)

When I was gone, I woke up every morning knowing I would do something that day that I had never done before. (Matilda Lorenz)

I liked our Welcome Days. For me, the best thing was when we went through the woods in the dark and tried not to be seen by the other classes. (India Teja)

All I'm going to say is that I really enjoyed it and it was FUN. (Samantha Perez)

I liked pretty much everything, but I didn't like that we couldn't play Werewolf as a class. (Philipp Rizek)

I liked Appelhof because we did a lot of cool things with the adventure camp and I liked the posting zoo because of the cute bunny and guinea pig babies. (Isabella Rudner)