When the cleaning lady entered the library at 6 p.m. on Monday she found the dead body of Ms. Schatz lying on the floor. She had been murdered with a pair of scissors which were lying next to her.

Detective Laube interrogated the suspects. He asked them, “What were you doing between a quarter past 4 p.m. and 6 o’clock?”

Leo said, “I was playing football at practice in the 14th district.”

Maksy explained, “I was going to football practice by tram. I was sitting in tram 46.”

Matylda claimed, “I was reading a book in the living room at home.”

Lorenz said, “I was playing with a friend at my friend’s home.”

Lani could not remember what she had been doing.

Anja said, “I was waiting for volleyball practice to start in front of the school building.”

Filip explained, “I was playing soccer in the 17th district.”

Elena said, “I was drawing in my bed,”but her sister could not remember when Elena had drawn the picture. 

Mariam explained, “I was studying in my room.”

Ilias said, “I was playing a computer game with Lorenz at my house.”

Niclas said, “I was playing field hockey in the 17th district.”

LiuXing explained, “I was eating something at home.”

Jana claimed, “I was playing volleyball with Anja at school.”

Sarah said, “I was shopping at Merkur’s.”

Stefan said, “I was playing basketball in the 16th district.”

Julian claimed, “I was playing soccer with Filip in the 17th district.”

Karina explained, “I was reading a book on the sofa”, but Elena didn’t see her.

After these answers Detective Laube’s brain was so full of information that he first went to the coffee maker and filled a big cup of coffee. “With an empty tummy I can’t think!”, he thought.

When he sat down, he thought about the answers. “Lani was interesting, she didn’t say anything! And the twins were suspicious, too!”

Laube put the cup into the sink and was walking to the library when Ms. Laube came from the room next to the library. “You have coffee on your shirt, brother!” she said smiling and went away.

 Detective Laube was shaking his head while he walked into the library. He wanted to look at the place where the murder had happened and to take a photo. Maybe he could find clues…

Laube was looking for the scissors for a while, but he did not want to get too close to Ms. Schatz’s dead body. (Nobody wanted to remove the body because it was full of maggots.) He found nothing, so he took one, two photos and went back to his desk. He really looked forward to a warm coffee, with lots of milk… marshmallows…chocolate…wait, coffee and marshmallows?!? No, he wanted COCOA!

Detective Laube ran as fast as he could to his desk, where the coffee maker stood, which could make cocoa, too. Then he took out an XXL marshmallow pack from his secret sweets drawer and put the whole pack (just the marshmallows, not the wrapper) into the cup. (Of course, half fell next to it.) While he was eating marshmallows, he had an idea. He wanted to phone the volleyball teacher and ask her something. “Hello? Here’s Detective Laube! I would like to ask you something”, he said.

“Oh, hello! Of course, you can, let’s start.”

“Nice, so: Did you have volleyball practice on Monday with Jana and Anja?”

“No, no! I was ill, so I couldn’t come! We’re going to practice tomorrow!”

“Thanks for your answers! Bye!” Laube said and put the phone away. 

Detective Laube was very happy. Jana had lied - he had solved the crime! Now he would speak with her. Happily, he went out of his office.


(Sorry for the lots of “coffees” and “marshmallows”,… I was still hungry ;) )

Elena Koller