Poetry Workshop im Wahlpflichtfach Englisch

Im Zuge der Auseinandersetzung mit Reimschemata und vor allem Versmaßen haben SchülerInnen der 7B/C/D gedichtet.

In nur 15 Minuten kamen folgende Vierzeiler zustande. Beeindruckend, wenn man bedenkt, dass English Zweit- und sogar Drittsprache ist:


I know you are afraid

Awake, Inspire, Protest, Destroy

The young will rise again.

O yes, O yes, we're human future.

Make sure we rise again.

 (by Anna and Christina)


Flowers they grow with the warming sun,

cold days are over, melt the snow.

Morning is greeted with tweeting birds,

praising the blossoms on sprouting trees.

 (by Andi and Tiana)


The perfect day is when I'm riding my bicycle.

Along the way there's hiding a miracle.

I can not say 'cause it's undescribable.

But hey, it has something spiritual.

 (by Ayham and Maria)


tic tac tac the life clock is ticking

figuring out how long we'll be living

tic tac tac the message is missing

What is the sense of human existing

 (by Carina and Rebecca)