1A Welcome Days


1A spent three days ( October 15th to 17th) at Applehof in Mürzsteg in Obersteiermark together with their teachers Sabine Bergthaler and Stefan Fiedorowicz.


I loved the Indoor play ground!   Julian

I loved everything.My room mates were also very nice. I also liked swimming and going to the rabbits. Annalisa

My room mates were very nice and I had a lot of fun. The food was also very nice. I was glad that we had a disco. Grace

The trampoline jumping and the disco were great. David

It was cool and I liked almost everything. They were three great days! Maya

I enjoyed swimming with my friends. Liam


I liked it there because they had baby rabbits. I was sad when we left from there. Bernadette

I loved riding on a horse and going to the Disco. Emily

I liked the horse riding and the Indoor playground. Magdalena

Our swimming time was cool! The camp was super! Ruben

The camp was cooooool! Laurenz

I liked the those three days in the Styria. My room mates were nice and I had a lot of fun. Livia

I would like to experience the horse riding when I join 1A next time. Tannu

They were the best three days ever. Marie

I had a very good time and I liked the rabbits and the horses best. Sonja