Romreise 7A +Lateiner der 7BC 


 Rome was amazeballs,

Full of wonders and thunders

And lightning – struck skies.

With laughter filling the summer air

And getting to know the Roman flair,

We wandered the streets,

Between modern and antique,

With feet that were weak,

But minds that were fresh and sleek.

Seeing Gucci-designed police uniforms,

Getting to know new city norms,

Almost always out of breath

But unscared by all the Roman horns

And not leaving out a single sight,

From sunrise to the evening lights.

 - Anselma Schneider, 7a

St. Peter’s Basilica,

a monument of Christianity’s power.

The view on top of it

allows you to see the white pigeons of Rome.

Julius Chalissery, 7a

Here we are,

Face to face.

I have only ever read about it,

And now I´m standing here,

In the center of action.

 Coliseum, Forum, Capitol,

Seats of power.

Still standing on the spot

They were built.

 Rain, sun, wind,

Cannot break these stones,

No one can.

Flying back,

Thinking back.

Memories from yesterday

Fade away.



Rome poem Lilian Urbancik 7A


Such a small city.

Is it really eternal?

October evening.

                                                         -Daria Krasnokutskaya (Rome 2014)