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English Homework: Cause & Effect Essay:

Digital School

Ever since schools were shut down, due to the measures against COVID-19, students have had to adjust to the new way of school- digital school. As a result of distance learning, teenagers are experiencing video conferences, expanding their technology knowledge and acquiring self-discipline.

In spite of the distance, students still have the feeling of being looked after due to video conferences. Ever since the schools have been shut down, lessons are being held online with video meetings. Apart from giving their students tasks, teachers also check up on them to make sure that they are doing fine. In this time, video calls are very important for students, because they went from seeing so many people every day to seeing hardly anyone. This transition is hard and children may feel lonely, so it is necessary to check up on the students from time to time. 

Children are now expanding their knowledge about technology, which will be beneficial for them in the future. Teenagers have had to adjust to digital schooling. When transitioning from school to virtual school, students are required to be able to work with technology very well. This implies that they will learn new functions daily and this will help them in the future. Once students start looking for jobs, it will come in handy having learned so many new things. In addition, in case schools should ever have to shut down again, students will know from their past experience and they will be prepared.

Students learn self-discipline in the lockdown because they have to rely more on themselves than on others. At school teachers tell the pupils what their tasks are and when they have to do them, but now the children will get the tasks and a deadline and they have to choose when they will do the work. Some tasks may be tasks which the pupil does not enjoy doing but they know that they have to do. Now when there are such tasks in class, the student has no other choice but to do it in the lesson. If a student got the same task now, they will most likely think that they will just to it at the last minute. This could result into a child feeling pressured and very stressed. Even if this happens to a teenager, they will have learned from the past and this is how they acquire self-discipline.

In conclusion, students learn more about technology and learn about self-discipline due to digital schooling. It is also important that video conferences are taken place frequently in order for the students to socialize and not feel lonely. 

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Effects of distance learning - (c) Ella Terry 4A

In the face of this pandemic, schools in Austria have resorted to distance learning or digital school. There are mixed opinions on this subject from Austrian students. They vary from preferring digital school to a strong desire for a return to school. This distance learning also affects students in various positive ways, ranging from digital socialising and self-discipline to tech savviness.

The point of this quarantine is to socially distance oneself from others to avoid infection. For children and teenagers, this is easier said than done. The isolation and loneliness children feel these days is overwhelming. However, as a consequence of distance learning, students can see each other and teachers and interact with them. This lessens the effects of loneliness and sometimes even the depression that students feel when alone. For a few students, these online lessons might be the only time for them to interact with people they do not live with, which is especially important for teenagers.   

Since digital school started, students and teachers alike are learning to master the technical scene. In fact, they are learning more about technology than they would have before digital schooling. Students learn new things regarding computers and video conferencing apps every lesson. Slowly but steadily, students are mastering video conferencing. All the knowledge students are now gaining will additionally enormously profit them in their life as an adult.  

As a result of distance learning, more students are learning self-discipline, which is an important asset to have. Since coming to an online class is excused, students are learning to become self-accountable. If they care about their education, students will have to make sure to organise themselves and show up to the classes on time. Before the quarantine, physically going to school was mandatory and you would not be excused for not showing up. Additionally, students would not have to organise and structure their days and study time, because they had a timetable and teachers to rely on. This did not teach students to become more independent and self-disciplined. That is why digital schooling is very beneficial for students.

To sum up, digital school or distance learning has many positive effects on students. Even though it can get very hard and sometimes quite exhausting, online schooling is greatly beneficial to students’ growth. They can choose to focus on the negative aspects or choose to see the advantages of distance learning, which are digitally socialising, gaining more tech knowledge, becoming self-disciplined among other things.