VBS - Vienna Bilingual Schooling

Why bilingual schooling?

The goal is to enhance both German and English language skills to first language proficiency. The ultimate aim is to equip students with the confidence and competence necessary to switch seamlessly between the two languages. Students will familiarize themselves with literature, take tests, make presentations as well as participate in discussions in both German and English.


What are the lesson objectives?

Students follow the curriculum of the “neusprachliches Gymnasium”. German and English have equal weighting as languages of instruction. Both, German and English speaking teachers are present in the majority of the classes, based on the principles of team teaching.


Language classes

From 1st grade: English and German

From 3rd grade: French

From 5th grade: Latin

From 6th grade: Spanish or Russian as an elective


Who can apply?

  • Students with a solid command of German and English
  • Completion of a VBS primary school recommended
  • Students motivated to meet the demands of a more dynamic and challenging classroom


Orientation talks: Mid-January (see application form) This interview will determine whether the prospective student is likely to meet the demands of the bilingual classroom.


Costs: €120/year

for teaching resources, which are used for pedagogical resources to enhance the level of language proficiency in English and German 


Educational focus for all types:

Homeroom hour in the first class, orientation week.



Mag. Ursula Alber-Trenkler: u.alber-trenkler@parhamer.at

Derek Roberts, MA: d.roberts@parhamer.at

Mag. Katharina Schatz: k.schatz@parhamer.at

“The beautiful thing about learning is that no one can take it away from you” (B.B. King)

link: VBS im Stadtschulrat

Application form for the Orientation Interview 2020